Babysits Community Resources

Babysits Community Resources

DIY Cards to Make for Grandparents
Do It Yourself

DIY Cards to Make for Grandparents New

During this period of self-isolation, let’s take some time to send a little extra love to our grandparents! This card making DIY is the perfect way to create a personalised gift for our loved ones. We’ve created two pop-up card examples tha...

Online Colouring Book With Barry

Online Colouring Book With Barry New

With the recent events and subsequent self-isolation urged by governments around the world, we thought it would be a bright idea to create our free online colouring pages to keep you busy! With the kids pacing the house and curious about th...

Origami Storyteller
Do It Yourself

Origami Storyteller New

It is more important than ever to inspire your child's creativity. Storytelling is one of the best ways to do this while also keeping your child entertained for hours. We have combined an old playground favorite, the origami fortune teller,...

At-home schedule for kids
Tips for Parents

At-home schedule for kids New

After the children's excitement of school closing has worn off, parents begin to dread the chaotic weeks ahead filled with uncertainty. It is now time for parents to take on the role of mapping out a daily schedule for the family. Everyone...

Bread Recipe
Kids Recipes

Bread Recipe New

When we think of baking with kids, we often imagine whipping up frosting for cupcakes or filling cakes with cream. But why not introduce them to something simpler and more wholesome (and not to mention healthy)? This easy bread recipe is th...

Babysitting safely
Tips for Babysitters • Tips for Parents

Babysitting safely New

Particularly in these times, many parents are in dire need of a babysitter. Some parents already have a babysitter on call, but, because in most cases governments have strongly advised that grandparents should not be babysitting children, (...

Jars of emotion
Do It Yourself

Jars of emotion New

Expressing emotions can be a challenge for us all, both adults and children can often shy away and hide their feelings. As parents, it's important to be a good role model for our kids and encourage them to express their feelings, but also u...

What is Babysitting Remotely
Tips for Babysitters • Tips for Parents

What is Babysitting Remotely New

With social distancing the phrase of the moment, people are often rethinking their actions, being more conservative, more often self-quarantining or isolating, and less open to going out and doing things. Even so, babysitters are still prov...

5 Ways to Help Others
Tips for Babysitters • Tips for Parents

5 Ways to Help Others New

Normal routines are almost destined to change now that it has been advised in many countries to stay inside as much as possible and not to go outside if you have a cold or do not feel well. For some people, this advice hits a lot harder tha...

Working from home with children
Tips for Parents

Working from home with children New

Working from home is being recommended and in some cases obligated by many companies in these times and in some places, schools and daycares are being closed in non-essential situations. For the people who aren’t working in jobs in healthca...

How to explain Coronavirus to kids
Tips for Parents

How to explain Coronavirus to kids New

How do you explain something to your children that’s out of your own control? We at Babysits believe that explaining important issues such as the Coronavirus and Covid-19 can be done in a child-friendly manner. If your kids are old enough t...

Online Tutoring to Help kids
Tips for Babysitters

Online Tutoring to Help kids New

Schools may now be closed, but this does not mean our children's education needs to suffer. This may be seen as good news for parents, but perhaps the children will be a little less enthusiastic about schooling from home. How can we help pa...

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